75 Hard

The tactical guide to winning the war with yourself

About 75 HARD

Every year High Performance Coaching guides a small group of extremely driven individuals through their 75 HARD journey, but what exactly is 75 HARD?

Founder Andy Frisella defines it as follows: “The tacical guide to winning the war with yourself” and I can’t think of a better way to describe it.

A lot of people see it as a fitness challenge, but they could not be further from the truth! Will you lose weight and look better after you completed the 75 days? Yes, you will. But is that the reason for following these guidelines? Not at all!

The reason to go through this program is to gain absolute control over your mind, body and life in just 75 days. Which is, if you did not know yet, what High Performance Coaching is all about – to live life on your terms; to not settle, but to have it all.

You will learn to believe that you can accomplish big, BIG things which will allow you to set and achieve larger than ever before goals.

You will be able to push yourself exponentially further than you’ve ever thought you were capable of, because through each difficult situation that you face and overcome during 75 HARD you will earn a respect for yourself and your abilities. One that can only be earned during the mental and physical battles you will face during this program.

In short, 75 HARD and High Performance Coaching will teach you to become the master of your fate.

When you follow the rules for 75 days to the letter, I guarantee you will:

Just envision it for a moment.
What would your life look like, if you could break through the obstacles that are holding you back right now?

(Small spoiler, 99% of the time that obstacle is you!)

It would be amazing right?

So how do we do it?

We simply follow their rules — without any deviation — for 75 days:

Now that you know what the program looks like and what it will do for you, the only question that remains is: 
Are you willing to take absolute control over your life and unleash your full potential?

If so get in touch today!