Sangjoon W.

My experience with HPC was amazing. Aside from the fact that I went from 16% body fat to 9%, and lost a bunch of weight, the biggest takeaway for me has been the knowledge I have gained throughout the process.

Kennard works incredibly hard to get you where you wanna be. It is a joint effort as you will report to him basically everything you are putting in your mouth and what you are doing to burn the calories. So on top of working off a set nutritional plan, both of us kept track of everything relevant that was happening with my calorie intake and training+ cardio. This allowed us to figure out in no time what went wrong if any unforeseen bump in weight were to happen, or I had trouble with cravings at night. There is something to be said about working with a coach who is going to take everything into account and is willing to work with you on every possible issue you might have and come up with an informed solution.

My focus had been from the beginning to get a good nutrition plan that will work for me long term since I always had trouble keeping my weight down once I successfully lost some weight; so every time I had trouble with cravings or when I felt like I was not losing weight efficiently enough, I would go ask him bunch of questions because any one of these things was going to pop up sooner or later even after the program. Kennard has been just great in terms of letting me know what I should do and why.

After the program, I feel like I finally know what it takes to stay in the zone of calorie deficit and what are the kinds of food that will help me with it.

I am sure I will have episodes of mess-ups from here on out, but I think I learned from this program how to minimize the damage and how to get back on track asap and that is going to take me a long way. I have to thank Kennard for that.

I wish I had done this sooner and it has just been a great experience. Thanks Kennard.


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Wout D.

Het HPC programma en coach Kennard zijn een dikke aanrader.

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Leen D

Ik heb net het coachingtraject doorlopen en ben meer dan blij met het resultaat.

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Miek A.

Voor het programma was ik ook al bezig met gezonde voeding om af te vallen, maar het wilde maar niet lukken.

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Pieter S.

Dankzij Kennard zijn opvolging en programma is mijn conditie stevig verbeterd

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Vicky C.

Ik heb maar van 1 ding spijt.... dat ik er niet eerder aan begonnen ben... Bedankt !

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Sangjoon W.

My experience with HPC was amazing.

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Jozef P.

Don't dream for it, work for it. High Performance Coaching will give you all the support you need!

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