High Performance Check completed

Why does your score matter?

Because it came from the professional assessment you just took, which has shown to strongly correlate with long-term success in your career, health, happiness, and relationships.

In other words, the assessment wasn’t a “quiz.” 

It is remarkably accurate and strongly correlates with long-term success measures.

Are you happy with your score?

What do you think you should focus on to increase your odds at long-term success?

Our research shows that the top 15% of high performers worldwide score an average 9,52 out of 10. I know, I know – that’s a HIGH bar to reach!

So, how do they score that high?  

It’s not that they are born lucky.

We found that they simply developed the right kind of “deliberate habits” that moved them forward faster than others. We call these High Performance Habits.

Of course, the challenge is that so many of us struggle to live our best selves each day. We work hard and try to be passionate, but too often feel like we’re not breaking through.

It’s just maddening to be a good person with good intentions but still not be advancing as fast as we want.

I was there once.

Then I learned to dial in my habits and suddenly I dramatically improved my overall well-being, rapidly advanced my career and deepened my influence and connection with others.

What’s cool about the assessment you took is that it can help you pinpoint where to focus in order to grow. 

So go on! Check your email and find out what your next step is.