Your missing ingredient for sustainable results – A powerful mindset

Your missing ingredient for sustainable results – A powerful mindset

The biggest difference between the person who is constantly booking results and the one who doesn’t seem to get anywhere is their mindset. Now, I know this is a bold claim, but let me explain.

The person getting results started out believing it was possible for him to achieve that kind of success. From there he analyzed what he needed to do and took action on his thoughts. Finally, to make sure he doesn’t regress, he keeps his mind sharp by constantly challenging his own thoughts and beliefs.

On the other hand, the person who’s not getting anywhere thinks he is destined to this kind of life. Therefore he doesn’t take any action. And on the rare occasion that he would force himself to get started he hopes that those temporary actions will bring him lasting results. As soon as these forced actions bring him some small level of success, he will relapse into his old habits because that is just who he thinks he is. He is not looking to change, he’s just hoping for a quick fix.

Two very different mindsets with two very different outcomes. So yes, it is safe to say everything starts and ends in your own mind. That is why mindset is one of the 4 High Performance Pillars that we built our foundation upon.

Fun fact: When I ask professional and elite amateur athletes what percentage of their performance is mental, they usually reply 90 to 95%. When I ask top executives how much of their performance is mental, they usually respond with 70%.

So the group where physical achievements are literally their job, give more credit to their mindset than the people who get paid to think and execute. That does not make any sense, right?

Well, what I found out is that most entrepreneurs and executives have no idea where to start. They might think working on their mindset is sitting legs crossed singing kumbaya for 30 minutes straight or repeating positive affirmations 100 times a day. Which might work for some people, but it’s not what I would recommend.

At High Performance Coaching we use a structured approach to creating a powerful mindset. This method consists of 4 levels.

    In order to improve anything, we need to have an honest look at the current situation so we get aware of our pitfalls or shortcomings.  We’ll do this by examining the results you have produced up until now to get a clear understanding of what you believe is possible for you.

    From there we’ll continue our conversation to determine your desired outcome.  During this session I will listen to your language and the way you speak to get to know the real you. These seemingly small inconsistencies that will pop up are most likely the things that hold you back the most right now. My job is to make you aware of them and from there your transformation can begin.

    Now that we know what we need to work on, it’s time to take ownership of the situation. Because although it might be uncomfortable we have the power to exercise control over our thoughts. Most people however rarely do anything to change the direction of their thoughts. They think that they have no choice and go with whatever thought that comes to their mind. High Performers know this is not the case and will train their brain to work in their favor. To shut up that voice inside of your head that tells you to slow down, to ignore the hundreds of excuses your brain makes up every single day and to not be afraid of the unknown but confident in their own abilities.

    All this is possible by first becoming aware and then taking complete ownership over your thoughts and emotions.

    The third level, a growth mindset, is the step that is responsible for sustaining and improving on your initial results. Because in life things either grow and expand or they shrink and contract. When you become satisfied and stop doing the work, you WILL fall back in old patterns and you will see your results diminish. That’s why it is absolute crucial to stay aware, keep ownership of your thoughts and emotions, and to keep challenging yourself. Not out of selfishness or greed, but because of the benefits it will bring to everyone in your environment. Like Grant Cardone would say “ Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility”.

    After mastering the first three levels, it’s time to pay attention to the details. At this stage of the game it’s all about tools & tricks to become just that little bit better, to gain that slight edge over the competition. Here we’ll go deeper on maintaining focus, improving self-esteem, increasing influence, mentally preparing for an important meeting, getting in the needed mental state, becoming more effective, etc.

    These things probably sound familiar to you, because that is what everybody else is doing! But if you haven’t built your foundation (level 1-3) these tools & tricks will never have a sustainable desired result. It’s like putting a band aid on a gaping wound. It might keep the blood from pouring out and reduce the chance of infection, but it will not solve the main issue which is closing and healing the wound itself.  


A powerful mindset is what gets you started and what keeps you performing at the best of your abilities. Anybody can get a quick and temporary result, but High Performers sustain and built upon those results by continuously sharpening their mind.

Kennard Van Messem
High Performance Coach

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