Create a winning High Performance Environment

Create a winning High Performance Environment

People that are looking to improve themselves, their teams and the results that they get are probably familiar with this quote by Jim Rohn: 

You are the average of the five friends you spend the most time with. 

But there is a big difference between knowing and living this! That’s why it’s high time we evaluate your environment so we can upgrade your relationships and increase the impact you make on this world.

To start, I request you take some time to take an honest hard look at who you spend your time with. Are they adding value to your life? Do they help you reach your goals? Or are they just draining your time and energy?

Remember, keep your emotions out of this. We want to look at what is REALLY happening.

The most logical solution would be to ditch the energy-drainers and only spend time with those people who add value to your life. But I understand that this is not always possible, because maybe they are family or co-workers who you can keep avoiding forever. In that case you want enroll them into your world!

How do you do that?

You need to realize that in most cases these people don’t have bad intentions. They just don’t know any better! Because when you, as a High Performer, are choosing for growth and success it will confront them with their own insecurities and failures.

Maybe they tried some things in the past, but it didn’t work out. And now they want to ‘protect’ you from failure. However, they don’t realize that their failure has nothing to do with your life and your goals. So while well-intented, they just cause more harm than good.

Another possibility could be that they are afraid to lose you as a friend, because everybody knows success requires sacrifice. And maybe that sacrifice could the time you currently spend with them.

In most cases these challenges can be solved by having a powerful conversation. If you want to get them on board with your mission, don’t just make it about you and your goals. Show them how  they can be a part of that success and how it will benefit their lives.

So instead of just assuming everybody is understanding, take absolute ownership and control over the situation. Don’t make assumptions, make agreements. And if they can’t agree to the proposed situation, most of the time, they will remove themselves out of your life. Which also solves the problem.

When we have dealt with the energy-drainers, it’s important to also take a look at who’s left on the list. Just because they are not draining your energy, it does not mean they add value to your life. In this list you will find a ton of yes-men, haters pretending to be friends, people who want to use you because of your success, etc.

Narrow it down to 5 people who share your core values. 5 People who you can trust and who add value to your life.

This might seem a bit drastic but High Performance and mediocrity don’t mix. Either they get enrolled into the world of High Performance or you get dragged down to being average or worse.

High Performers don’t take chances, but they choose what their lives and results look like.

Have you made your decision?

Kennard Van Messem
High Performance Coach

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